Deposit Release Case Scam

I received the email below, requesting my cooperation. However, he did not provide details on how to proceed, attempting to lure me into responding to his email, which I ultimately refrained from doing.

I would like to share this little detail with you that would be of mutual benefit to you and me. There’s a DRC (deposit release case) that is open in a security company vault because the owner is now deceased and there’s no clear next of kin to inherit or clear the deposit.

As a stock consultant working with the security company, I noticed that the deposit did not have proper details registered. I propose that we work together to clear the deposit, as I am very sure it is a deposit with a very high value because of the name of the depositor.

This is risk-free and would be mutually beneficial. That’s all the detail I can provide for now until I receive your positive reply and can explain further.

Mr. Alan Lambert

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